Sources for Info on Healthy Eating/Cooking

We get many inquiries about how to learn more about the subjects we present, particularly finding about the contents of our food and what to avoid. This page will focus on some of the best sources for information that we have encountered.  It will grow as we add new sources that we find.

The books supply the best background information, while the newsletters, radio reports, and scientific studies reported on radio and the Internet present the best current information.


Michael Pollan and Maira Kalman, Food Rules: An Eater's ManualFood Rules: An Eater’s Manual, Penguin Press, ©2009, 2011.
Hardcover,  Paperback,  Kindle


Omnivores Dilemma: A Natural History of Four MealsMichael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, Penguin Press, ©2007.
Hardcover (2006),  Paperback,  Kindle


Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, W.W. Norton and Company, ©2005.

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

Hardcover Edition,  Paperback Edition,  Kindle Edition



Consumers Union, Consumer Reports on Health,Consumer Reports on Health Newsletter

Consumer Reports Web Site.

University of California, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, WellnessLetter:  News and expert advice from the School of Public Health,

University of California, Berkeley, Wellness Newsletter

Johns Hopkins University, “Johns Hopkins Health” Quarterly Consumer Newsletter, Johns Hopkins Health Web Site.Johns Hopkins University Health Newsletter

Johns Hopkins Health is published four times a year to share tips, news and in-depth articles with our community based on the latest advances in medicine. Our goal is to be a resource of easy-to-read health care information that is meaningful to you and your family.

Newspaper Articles:

The New York Times regularly runs articles, particularly on Science Friday, that relate to current research and knowledge about topics that we discuss here. We will post links to the most critical ones.

Web Site Articles:

Megan Bedard, “Farm Animal Antibiotics on the Rise:  A new report shows domestic food animals are getting increasingly doped up,”,, November 4, 2011.

Environmental Working Group, “Healthy Home Tips: Jane’s Holiday Kitchen,” Environmental Working Group: The power of Information,, 11/15/11

Environmental Working Group: The power of information, “Pick Plastics Carefully”,,, 11/15/11.

O’Brien, Ashley, et. al., “MRSA in Conventional and Alternative Retail Pork Products,” PLOS One (Public Library of Science),, January 24, 2012.

Ranallo, Andrew, “Antibiotic-resistant MRSA bacteria widely present in retail pork, new study says,” Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy,, January 24, 2012.

 Web Sites

Environmental Working Group:  There is so much great information on this web site that it is worth exploring.  In particular, look for the pesticides and vegetables list and the sunscreen list. Both are updated annually from the results of the previous year’s research. Stay current and stay healthier.

Consumers Union, Consumer Reports:   Great web sites! Consumers Union is the policy and advocacy division of Consumer Reports, just so you know the connection.  These people are working in our best interest. They review virtually everything, from specific products in general categories to insurance options or health issues. Check out this valuable web site! On the Consumer Reports web site, don’t miss the Food Reviews and Ratings page.

Food and Water Watch:  Food and Water Watch works to ensure the foodwater and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainable. So we can all enjoy and trust in what we eat.

American Diabetes Association, Food and Fitness Pages:  Blood sugar is the key to many health issues, including many heart disease issues and weight control.  Inform yourself about Glycemic Index and avoid being counted among the millions of Americans approaching or actually living with diabetes.

Grist:  Online Publication that provides environmental news, commentary, and advice with humor, with in-depth information on food.


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