Kids Cook Mondays

Join the Kids Cook Mondays Movement!

From the Grace Foundation we got a link to the Kids Cook Mondays movement!

The ritual of family dinner is disappearing, because parents are busy working. So kids are eating more processed snack foods and microwavables. Yuk!

Studies show that regular family dinners provide more nutritious meals for kids, who then perform better in school and become better communicators because they’re talking to their families over dinner. What a concept!

We endorse the Kids Cook Mondays movement and encourage you to participate.  Get more kids recipes there!      Here’s the link: Cooks Up A New Dish Every Monday

Kids Meal Ideas“The Kids Cook Monday is a new initiative that gives families an effective, weekly way to keep up family dinners. When Monday is family dinner night, the meal becomes a fun event, ensuring that parents and kids spend quality time together every week, all year round.” joins the Kids Cook Monday movement, offering weekly posts of a recipe and related lesson.  Show your kids how important they can be by helping in the kitchen to prepare great meals on Mondays!

Thanks to Joey Lee for posting about Kids Cook Mondays and our friends at The Monday Campaigns.

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    These pieces really set a standard in the indusrty.

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