Cookware Gifts for Kids Cooking

Cooking Products for Kids Cooking

Kids love all the kitchen products, like baking sets, aprons, chef hats, mixing sets, placemats, and dishes, probably as much as adults do. As in “dress up,” for them it makes the experience all the more real. When you buy them in kid sizes, they take immediate ownership. It’s similar to buying a kid-size chair. They know it’s theirs and enjoy the special child size.

We thought you might enjoy some of the products that we had great fun with; rather, the kids enjoyed them and the grown-ups loved their fantasy!

Don’t forget a great cookbook for kids.

Kids’ Cooking and Bakeware Sets

Cooking and Baking Sets are just the type of product that we described in the page on How to Begin Cooking With Kids. They simulate the real thing but can be used with the make-believe kitchen set or in the real kitchen.

Playful Chef Baking Sets More Baking Sets

Kids Kitchen Tool Kit

Kids Non-stick Bakeware Set

Kids’ Aprons and Chef Hats

Kids’ Chef Hats and aprons are great starters for the dress-up part of the learning-to-cook lesson. Kids want to look the part, maybe even more than they want to be the part at early ages. It’s the old philosophy “try it on and wear it around for awhile” to see if you like it.


Oven Mits

Another important accoutrement, the oven mits for kids are bright and cheerful. Hopefully, they will save little hands from burns and nicks.

Kids Placemats

This was a no-brainer for us. If we saw our kids idle in their high chairs or at the table, we just slid the plate aside to reveal the solar system, a map of the world, or a genre of animals like sea creatures and jungle animals. They had plenty to look at while they waited, so they were less inclined to get bored and restless.

Crocodile Creek makes great, inexpensive plastic placemats that will both preserve your table from stains and entertain your kids for that extra split second. They also serve as a base for art projects. It’s easier to wipe glitter glue off the placemat than your nice table top.

  Solar System Placemat
Dinosaur Kingdom

Animal Kingdom ABC Placemat

Animals of the Wild Placemat

Dinosaurs Placemat
World Map Placemat
United States Placemat
Barnyard Animals Placemat
Jungle Animals 123 Placemat Butterfly Garden Placemat Vehicle (big truck) Placemat Things That Fly Placemat 11″x17″ size

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