How to Find Healthy Food

If you are going to cook and serve healthy food you have to know where to buy it.  Growing it in the backyard is a great start, but is not practical for many people and, in winter, in many parts of the country.  For the most part, healthy food is not available at the local large supermarket.

If you have looked, you will agree that very little produce labeled “pesticide-free” is offered at big grocery stores.  Very little “organic” produce is available there and what there is looks tired and costs twice as much as the contaminated produce.   Who needs it!

There is a way to find healthy food in your area.  In fact, you can create a personalized list to use to visit the sources of healthy food one by one.

Eat Well Guides

The Grace Foundation has created a wonderful resource—Eat Well Guides. They have spent considerable time compiling lists of sources for local, sustainable, and organic foods.  They have done the footwork for you!

Please visit their web site and have a look.  You can create your own list or use one of the existing lists for the larger cities.   You can plug in your zip code and get a list of all the sources available to you within a certain driving distance.  You determine distance you’re willing to go to shop, but remember, this is supposed to be local.

If you live in rural or less-populated areas, you can plan your trips there with neighbors to save gas and stock up.

If you’re planning a trip, you can create a guide to find stores along your route or at your destination.  Wow!  What a resource.

Our sincere thanks to the Grace Foundation!

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    Whoa, thnigs just got a whole lot easier.

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