Eliminate Plastic

Here is a useful discussion (verbatim) from the Ecology Center in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Well put.  Please give it some attention. It’s serious stuff.

You can find out more information on ways to act smart to protect our environment from further degradation at the website of the Ecology Center, in particular. their page on the harmful effects of plastic.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Eliminate Plastic

Everyday, mountains of unused plastic consumer products and packaging head to landfills, wasting the materials and energy that created them.  Many of us recycle our plastic containers at curbside and although this is important, an even better effort is to reduce the amount of plastics we buy and to reuse the items we do buy.  Reducing and reusing can divert millions of tons of garbage from landfills every year.

We offer tips below to inspire you to reduce, reuse, and trim plastic from your life.

Reduce and Eliminate

Initial actions you might take:

  • Bring your own cup or thermos when purchasing beverages away from home.
  • Avoid plastic by buying in glass or metal whenever possible.
  • Look for items with little or no packaging.
  • Avoid individually wrapped portions (cheese slices, juice boxes, etc.)
  • Bring your own containers and bags to stores and refill or reuse them.
  • Purchase items in containers that can be refilled.
  • Eliminate packaging by buying in bulk and large containers.

Take these next steps:

  • Drink filtered tap water.  Fill your own bottles with water, eliminate waste, and save money.
  • Buy used items —electronics, furniture, clothing, bikes, household items.
  • Use reusable tableware, plates, and cloth napkins when hosting a party.
  • Refill toner cartridges, pens, and other office supplies.
  • Avoid disposable products: bags, plastic utensils, razors, pens, lighters, batteries.
  • Urge your grocery store to carry products in bulk, or those that have reduced or recycled packaging.
  • Ask you nursery if they’ll take back plastic plant pots.
  • Choose long-lasting metal or wood toys and products rather than plastic.
  • Rent items that will only be used  a short time.  See if your community has a tool lending library.
  • Complete the loop by buying products made with recycled materials, such as recycled paper and glass.
  • Contact the manufacturer of products whose packaging isn’t recyclable and ask them to choose better packaging.


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