Easy Whole Grain Cereals

Easy Whole Grain Breakfasts

Ideally, we would like our children to eat a whole grain breakfast prepared directly from raw whole grains, nuts, fruit, etc. Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates (sugars for the whole day) in a slow-release form. When you start from raw whole grains, they don’t just get a sugar rush for one hour, then get sleepy, as they would from the box cereal, but rather a steady supply of carbohydrates and fiber for hours after eating—hopefully, enough to last until lunch.

So how do we put that in front of them at 6:00 or 7:00 AM?  Here are two ideas: one cold kids breakfast for summer months one hot kids breakfast for winter (cooler months).

The Absolute Quickest Way to Serve A Whole Grain Breakfast.

  1. Whole grain toast spread with nutritious nut butter and fresh fruit on the side. The nut butters have heart healthy oils plus protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Try to pick a Whole Grain bread with seeds and nuts in it—the flavors are great.  Find out how Nuts are Healthy!  When they eat nut butters, children will need a drink to get them down, so try nonfat milk, or better yet, almond milk, or soy milk.  Cows products are questionable unless they are organic. Do you want to feed your child the antibiotics corporate farms use to kill germs in cows? Do you want to feed your child the hormone they use to make cows produce more milk? These are guaranteed to screw up their endocrine system by the time they become grownups!
  2. Whole Grain Toast spread with nonfat Cottage Cheese with fresh fruit on the side. Sprinkle nuts, sesame seeds, or chopped fruit on top for added protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Slow Cooking Whole Grain Cereal.

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