Please Join Efforts to get the FDA to Require Labels for GMO Food!

The Environmental Working Group is one of several excellent nonprofit groups who need our help in demanding that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration require labeling of genetically modified foods.  What does it hurt to label the food?

We all want to know what we are eating, right?
We all want to know what is in our food, right?
We all want to know what we are feeding our babies and children, right?

More and more foods are appearing on supermarket shelves that contain genetically modified ingredients. The EWG reports that 60% to 70% of all processed foods contain ingredients that have been genetically engineered.  “Processed” foods are the ones on the shelves in the middle of the supermarket, rather than the fresh food around the outside walls.  Typically, processed foods are not refrigerated, but some may be. We just don’t know about all that stuff in the middle and what’s in it.

People may argue that genetically engineered foods are or are not safe. But THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE here.

We have the right to know what we are eating right now!

Even the scientists may not come to any agreement soon, but, as a consumer, I cannot make the choice for myself and my family whether or not we want to eat genetically modified foods unless we know what processed foods they are in.

Sign their Petition Now!

Please join the EWG in their Just Label It campaign by signing its petition  demanding that genetically engineered foods are labeled!  Click on the EWG logo now to go to their site and stand with them to require all genetically engineered products to carry a label.

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