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There is a link to another great *short* piece by Michael Pollen in the form of a question and answer interview.  Some of the gems of wisdom that he discusses at great length in his books are encapsulated in this article. If you’re short on time, this is an easy way to find out how to meet the challenge of eating well for your family’s best health.

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Doing right by your diet

January 07, 2012|By Karen WeintraubPicture of Michael Pollan, photo by Alia Malley

He answers questions like:

Q. What’s wrong with the American diet?
Q. Why is it so hard for most of us to eat well?
Q. If we know what’s healthy, why is there so much conflicting advice about what to eat?
Q. Do you recommend eating organic?
Q. Do you always follow your own rules?

Here is the link to the original story or at least an authorized online version:


Check it out and visit our other page on Michael Pollen’s Food Rules contributions.




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