Healthy Corn Chips Recipe

Make your own tortilla chips to avoid the heavy salt, chemicals, and preservatives in commercial chips. Kids will enjoy this healthy snack and they can help spread them out and sprinkle on the spices!

You will need:
Corn tortillas
2 teaspoons (or more) of your favorite seasonings
(Examples: salt, pepper, cumin, lemon pepper, dill, dried oregano, thyme, finely ground, Penzey’s spice mixes, chili powder, etc.)
cooking spray
water spray

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Spray a cooking sheet or foil-lined baking sheet lightly with cooking spray.

Cut the tortillas into wedges and lay then out on the cooking sheet, without overlapping them.  Spray lightly with water.  Sprinkle your favorite seasonings over the tortillas or just salt.

Bake until crisp.  This could be as little as 10-15 minutes, so keep an eye on them.  You can slow down the cooking process by baking them at 350 degree for a little longer.

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Mary is a retired digital librarian and is a mother of boy-girl twins. She got her kids cooking early, when all they made was a mess! Today, they are both very proficient in the kitchen and are great cooks! It was a relatively painless process getting to where they are now. She shares her strategies in this website.
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