FamilyFun Cookbooks

This is a great series of cookbooks (and craft books, too) that appeals to kids for lots of reasons.  The books are well laid out, full of photographs, include good recipes for both sweet and savory foods (so it’s not all sugar), and the instructions are clear and easy. They present healthy recipes that call for real foods.

Many of the books are available at bargain prices!  Here’s a selection of what is available for kids cooking with parents.

See our full collection of kids cookbooks here.

FamilyFun Cooking with Kids [Spiral-bound] by Deanna F. Cook. c2006.  ISBN-10: 1423100867

Preschool-grade 4.  300 recipes for adults to make with a child’s help.

Best of Family Fun Cooking and Parties by Deanna F. Cook.  c2003. ISBN: 0-7868-5901-6.

“600 Creative Recipes and Party Plans for You and Your Kids,” from the publishers of Family Fun Magazine. Great photos and cute ideas to stimulate imaginations.  It has recipes for both sweet and protein-rich, healthy recipes, and includes a whole section on parties has creative party food recipes.

Family Fun Fast Family Dinners: 100 Wholesome Kid-Friendly Recipes Your Family Will Love [Hardcover] by Deanna F. Cook. c2004.  ISBN-10: 078685426X

For parents in a hurry to get dinner on the table. Recipes that appeal to kids and parents.

Family Fun Super Snacks: 125 Quick Snacks That Are Fun to Make and to Eat [Hardcover] by Deanna F. Cook. c2004. ISBN-10: 0786854243

Quick-and-easy after-school snacks that kids and parents can make together. Wholesome finger foods and mini-meals.

FamilyFun Homemade Holidays: 150 Festive Crafts, Recipes, Gifts & Parties [Paperback] by Deanna F. Cook. c2009. ISBN-10: 1402763581

Crafts that require minimal prep time and are guaranteed to get your family in the holiday spirit. Games, activities, decorations, treats, and complete party plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, along with time-saving tips and plenty of photographs to guide children and parents.

FamilyFun Cookies for Christmas: 50 Cute & Quick Holiday Treats [Hardcover] by Deanna F. Cook. c2009. ISBN-10: 1402763565

Scrumptious recipes as Chocolate Crinkles, Candy Cane Twists, Snowballs, and Raspberry Tarts. These cookies are simple to bake and tasty to eat. Every recipe features steps that kids can easily handle, and ideas for variations that inspire creativity.

Family Fun: Birthday Cakes [Hardcover]by Deanna F. Cook. c2003. ISBN-10: 0786853980

More than 50 recipes for cakes to make a birthday special, and easy step-by-step instructions. A great resource for planning the ideal centerpiece for any birthday party, from mermaids to fire trucks, horses to sunflowers, and ladybugs to treasure chests.

Despite the fact that they are Disney Publications, we recommend them.

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