Easy Kids’ Recipes

This is a site dedicated to kids! It contains recipes for kids to learn to cook themselves and recipes that might be too advanced for younger kids to cook, but that kids will love to eat.  Both are important to get a child’s attention and lure them into the kitchen for some fun.

With easy recipes, kids will develop life-long love for cooking and cooking skills!  Like other great activities, cooking is both an adventure and is fun, so it’s a perfect match for children.

For tips on beginning in the kitchen with children, click here.

Click on one of the recipe categories on the right to get started today, or check out the menu bar across the top for lots of information on cooking with and for kids.

If you’re considering buying an Easy Bake Oven, check out these considerations.

About mary

Mary is a retired digital librarian and is a mother of boy-girl twins. She got her kids cooking early, when all they made was a mess! Today, they are both very proficient in the kitchen and are great cooks! It was a relatively painless process getting to where they are now. She shares her strategies in this website.
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