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Toxic Strawberries: What’s the big deal?

For many years, strawberry growers have been dousing your strawberries with methyl bromide, a toxic fumigant that has caused many health problems for farm workers, pregnant women, and others who live near strawberry fields. It was used to kill pests … Continue reading

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Drying Fruits at Home

Quite a few years ago, we bought a food dryer.  Our initial idea was to dry fruits and other foods for camping and hiking. Fresh fruits are tough to take along on a backpacking trip or to store if you … Continue reading

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Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria in Pork

We have a new report of current research with some alarming news! Published January 12, 2012 from the online science journal PLoS ONE (that’s the Public Library of Science), this research continues the frightening story of dosing our meat supply … Continue reading

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Processed Food with the Most Trans Fat

The nonprofit organization Food, Inc, shared this research on the commercial processed food that contains the most trans fats.  Recall that trans fats are the fatty acids that increase the risk of coronary artery disease by raising levels of bad … Continue reading

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